Siti 2 Hydro Power Project

The Project

Country Uganda
Fund DI Frontier Market Energy & Carbon Fund K/S (Fund 1)
Participation Co-Developer and lead equity
Type Run-of-river hydro
Capacity 16.5MW
Expected CO2 emission reductions 30,000 tCOeq/annum
State of development In operation

Siti II is a run-of-river hydro plant with a capacity of 16.5 MW which utilizes the hydro power potential of the Siti River as it drops down in a series of rapids in the village of Chesowari, in Mount Elgon region of Uganda. The project is situated immediately downstream of the Siti 1 Hydro Power Project. The project will be connected to the national grid. The project is under construction.

Frontier Involvement

In June 2013, DI Frontier Market Energy & Carbon Fund, became majority shareholder in the project company, Elgon Hydro Siti (PVT) Ltd., with a view to finalize project development and provide equity for the construction of the project.